Virgo Rising

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In practical matters, such people tend to show an amazing adherence to principles. In the development and implementation of their ideas, they act consistently, systematically and according to plan. They record every detail painstakingly and accurately analyse them, as this is the basis of success in actions, self-actualization and perception. Their goal is perfection and infallibility. Quality is valued much higher than quantity. Such people seek to reasonable and ordered relationships with others. They are always and in everything to be trusted, as they take the responsibility for performance of real matters. They tend to perform undertaken obligations meticulously and even with some grunge attitude. They are prone to biting and severe criticism of imperfection noticed by them. Criticism to their own address is perceived calmly and balanced. Everything these people are involved in is very important and essential for them. Therefore, they try to acquire such things in a reliable way and have warranty of longstanding connection to business they do. These people treat actions commenced seriously and tend to act consistently in the direction of the goal. The personalities are changed gradually and progressively. Character is firm, definite and rational. The development is based on the complete trust given to personal experience only. Character is changeable, personality is very educable. These people are always busy with something, they feel obliged to bring comfort, cleanliness and order in the entire world, and it involves a lot of running around, even if to restrict oneself to the closest circle of people. These people are often out of humour with themselves and dissatisfied with others. If something is out of order, they are not able to enjoy life in good faith. Nevertheless, like no other such people can see and appreciate the beauty and perfection of small details (both the external material world and own internal arrangement). They like to bring their skills to perfection, and therefore, brilliantly cope with any work that requires meticulousness and preciseness. Such people are often lost in situations, requiring skills rapidly and extensively evaluate the circumstances on the basis of incomplete information. Such people are bad with synthesis; at perception and self-expression have difficulties with imagination. They tend to understand everything too literally (and therefore wrong) and give expression to their feelings too accurately, which cannot tolerate partition and analysis and die long before they show up outside. These are reasonable and enterprising people, they are prone to accuracy and over-organization, and therefore, often tiring themselves with worries of unimportant things. They know the secret of perpetual youth. They actively use the ability to perceive the weakness of others, although doing so tactfully and diplomatically. They can become the moneygrubbers and whiners. Often these people become comedians or commentators. Their piercing intelligence helps to determine the reasons of influence of the development of personality of other people and the weaknesses of their nature.