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Virgo is the negative sign of Mercury, mutable earth, the intestines of the Cosmic Person, a virgin. As sign 6 (2 x 3), it shows the need for balancing energy, particularly between body and mind.

Like their Gemini counterparts, who are also mutable and ruled by Mercury, Virgo types possess good intellects, command of the language and nervous sensitivity. They make good teachers and have a strong sense of the facts. As earth signs, Virgos also project the healing ray of Mercury. They make good doctors and healers and can be good at hatha yoga. They are more physical than Geminis, have a liking for exercise, and may excel as athletes, particularly when young. Their knowledge has a practical or informational side and the are often good at trivia. They are possessed of good and factual memories. They are helpful and service oriented and become good workers, but they can suffer from overwork or lack of recognition in what they do.

Virgos make good craftsmen, draftsmen or artists, as they have a strong sense of form, line and detail. They may become actors, as they can easily learn how to discipline their expression and project their emotions. Virgos are more technical actors than charismatic types, however.

Owing to their sensitive changeable minds and nervous systems, Virgos easily become neurotic. They suffer from a nervous or variable digestion and elimination. They are usually the weakest of the signs physically. They are more likely come down with disorders or chronic diseases that are difficult to treat, particularly problems involving the nervous system. Their body-mind coordination tends to be weak. Sexually they tend to be shy when young but are prone to excessive sexual activity when older, though it is seldom open or freely expressed.

Virgos are fussy, discriminating and exacting about details and like cleanliness and order. For this reason they can be hard to live with and never seem pleased with anything. Yet their discrimination sometimes has a spiritual orientation and they can be good at philosophies which are built on purity and discrimination, like Vedanta.

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