Twelfth House

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12th house (Vyaya Bhava) — the house of loss and expenses is called ‘Vyaya sthana’ and covers bad habits, confinement (such as prison), hospital, monastic life, misfortunes, long journeys, secret enemies, connections with foreign countries, quests, and bed pleasure – comforts of the bed. It also indicates export and import, also feet. Keeping away from home base or travel. Self-realization and spiritual liberation.

Ruling Planet: Saturn.

enlightenment, expenses, travel abroad, bed pleasures, insight, losses, wastes, journey to far off distant lands, fall, sin, spies, consciousness, gain of spirituality, charity, monastery, penance, emigration, donations, moksha, loss of relativity, social boundaries, loss of attachment, lonely places, confinement in prison, sorrow, feet, left eye, intrigues, end, poverty, death, expenditure.

Description of the House

The twelfth is the house of loss, vyaya bhava, as the eleventh is that of gain. It is a house of expense, as the eleventh is that of income. It shows decrease, wastage and decay.

We tend to lose or waste away the traits of the planets located in this house. The Sun here shows a loss of self-confidence or a poor reputation. The Moon here shows emotional drain and moodiness. Saturn here causes weakness of the nerves and worry or anxiety. Jupiter here causes excessive or wasteful generosity. In general, planets here make a person weak or tired as their energy becomes suppressed.

The twelfth is the house of sorrow, disappointment and resignation. it indicates confinement or adversity, sometimes imprisonment. It is a secretive house and shows work behind the scenes, as in a hospital or a monastery. Yet the twelfth is also a house of passion, luxury and dissipation, the secret pleasures of life.

The twelfth house represents the past (as the ninth house does the future) and shows the past karma or past influences we are under. It can indicate guilt, regret, and grief. It shows the subconscious, where our rational mind and ego are dissolved, and it can indicate fantasy, mental disorders, or trance. it is an astral house and shows how we connect with the subtle planes, including our after-death state.

The twelfth house represents the end of the life-cycle. Yet as the negation of life, it indicates liberation, the denial of ego, renunciation and surrender. This makes it a house of yoga and meditation. As a house of isolation or separation it shows one alone, negated by adversity into a state of sorrow, or negated by inner peace into enlightenment.

The twelfth is the house of foreign countries, particularly those distant or overseas. Those who work with foreign countries or gain success in foreign lands, including politicians and diplomats, commonly have planets in the twelfth house.

Planets in the Twelfth House

  • Sun: Hermit nature, need for seclusion, absent father, lack of family support for ego-development, dominant mother, low self-esteem, the power behind the throne, trouble with authority figures. Search for personal identity.
  • Moon: Lack of nurturing as a child, absent mother, fear of appearing childish, need for meditation time, enjoyment of the bedroom, sensitive to sound, water is healing, success in foreign lands, spiritual mother with different religious beliefs, raised by siblings.
  • Mercury: Good for writing and keeping a journal, psychic nature, tendency to ramble in speech, excellent for research and working behind the scenes, poetic, worry or fear issues, creative dyslexia.
  • Venus: Good bed pleasures, fear of loss in love, little public display of affection, trouble in early marriage, hidden treasures and gifts. Love of mystery, good longevity, peaceful death, attains heaven.
  • Mars: Kuja Dosha, early marriage may end in divorce, passive-aggressive personality, possible hidden abuse issues, good for hatha yoga. Assertiveness training may be beneficial.
  • Jupiter: Good for meditation and yoga, Guru may be absent, hidden financial resources, discouraged to expand past parents narrow belief systems, attains heavenly state after death.
  • Saturn: Need for spiritual discipline, path of service, issues with fear and withdrawal, feet and/or eye problems, sexual dysfunction. Father not available, may seek older mates, heavy debts.
  • Rahu: Difficulties with sleep disturbance or sexuality, difficult to diagnose illnesses, astral disturbances, need to focus on sadhana or spiritual practices.
  • Ketu: Good for moksha or spiritual liberation, intuitive gifts, need for spiritual community or ashram, enjoys distant travels. Need to create a peaceful living environment.

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