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3rd house (Bratru Bhava) is the house of brothers and sisters (siblings), signifies success through own efforts, courage, bravery, adventures, initiative, motivation, fine arts (singing, dancing, directors), voice, matters relating to communication such as writing, shoulders, arms, neck, throat, right ear, hands boldness and short journeys. One is made singer by this house only.

Ruling Planet: Mars.

will, hands, written talents, junior brothers and sisters, subordinates, short contacts, vitality, neighbours, assistance, stamina, short-term desires, short trips, siblings, communication, literary works, things that influence luck, motivation, valour, writing correspondence, thyroid gland, deliberate actions, actors, dancers, fine arts, interests, producers, directors, computer, skills, manual skills, right ear, courage, road side places, mental initiative, written language.

Description of the House

The third is the house of brothers, “bhratri bhava”, indicating also friends and companions, how we act as members of a defined group or equals. It shows the people we like to do things with, the alliances that we make to achieve particular goals.

In Vedic thought the third is a martial house, a house of prowess symbolised by the arms. It shows our basic energy in life — the impulses and intentions that drive us, our will and ambition. It reveals our passion or zeal, along with our courage and boldness, which may become rashness and impulsiveness.

The third house shows our motivation and indicates our main interests, whether physical or mental — what we really like to do. It shows whims and interests, sports and hobbies. Well-placed planets here give a capacity for profound interest, deep research and scientific thinking. They can also give artistic capacities, including for the fine arts.

These meanings are a little different than those of the third house in the Western system, which relate more to the informational mind, rational thought and logic, factors which are often found under the third houses’s curiosity aspect in the Vedic view.

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