Tenth House

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10th house (Karma Bhava) represents the acts one does. It signifies profession, or whatever we do or career, respectability, fame, honors, activities that benefit society, authority, government work, pilgrimages, father, politics, leadership and management.

It governs knees and Back.

Ruling Planet: Sun, Mercury, Saturn.

career, fame, knees, success, father, trade, prestige, activity, profession, community, society, promotion, awards, commerce, honour from government, authority, royalty, reputation, rank, sense of importance, renown, status in society, owner stature.

Description of the House

The tenth is the house of karma, karma bhava, which means action. It is the main house for showing our effect upon the world and relates to career or vocation. The tenth house does not in itself determine the career; for this the first house and other factors must be considered as well. But it does show success in career and the status that we are able to achieve in life.

The tenth is a house of skill, achievement, honour, recognition and prestige. It shows the position we are able to attain in life and the power that goes along with it. It is an important house for determining political, social or worldly power. The tenth house measures our mark upon the world and whether we bring good or bad karma to it. It indicates pilgrimages and religious charities through its good karma side.

Because the tenth house is the highest point in the chart, planets here are strong and serve to raise us up in life. The tenth gives us the favour of the government or established authorities. It causes us to be visible and to gain respect and acknowledgement. Hence it can make us worldly or politically minded. Whatever we do through it will be noticed. The danger is that it will make us too outgoing and achievement oriented.

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