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Taurus is the negative sign of Venus, fixed earth, the face and neck of the Cosmic Person, a bull. As sign 2. it gives a strong sense of relationship, partnership and communication of feeling. Taurus types seek balance and harmony in the organisation of their immediate environment.

Taurus types are stable, enduring and fixed in their ways. They have a good sense of form and beauty and may become artists and poets. They are often attractive, particularly when young, and like to adorn themselves. Taureans are possessive and may become businessmen or bankers and may accumulate property. They are apt to be materialistic and sensual and like comfort, luxury or adornment. Yet they easily develop taste, refinement and grace. They communicate well with others and associate readily with foreigners.

Taureans tend to become obstinate and do not like to move from a position once they have accepted it as their own. They are slow to anger but also slow to forgive and can be cruel or insensitive to those outside of their circle of association. They possess good memories but may become sentimental or cling to the past. They like to live in their bodies and their senses.

Taureans usually value stable and happy homes and married lives. They can be very romantic and devotional and are often votaries of the idea that all is love. They are attached to the earth, often work with their hands and leave their mark of form on their practical environment. Their mode is to acquire, preserve and refine. Spiritually they are also devotional and like tradition and ritual.

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