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Symbol: empty circle
6°40' — 20°00' Aquarius

Shatabhisha (sanskrit: शतभिषा) — the Hundred Stars;

  • Range: 6°40' — 20°00' Aquarius
  • Symbol: empty circle
  • Deity: Varuna
  • Mode of Functioning: Active
  • Caste: Butcher
  • Gender: Neutral or Eunuch
  • Body parts: jaw
  • Humor (Ayurvedic Constitution): Vata
  • Direction: southwest to southeast
  • Guna (Essence): Tamas
  • Tattwa (Element): Ether
  • Gana (Type): Rakshasa (demonic)
  • Orientation: Upward
  • Disposition:
  • Ruling Planet: Rahu
  • Sounds: Go, Sa, Si, Su
  • Animal symbol: mare
  • Primary Motivation: Dharma
  • Enemy: Hasta

Padas (Quarters)

1. The first pada or quarter of this asterism (6° 40' — 10° 00' Aquarius) falls in Sagittarius Navamsa and is ruied by Jupiter. This relates to the happy go lucky, optimistic and Philanthropie side of this nakshatra. This pada has a tendency to get carried away and so it is important for those under the influence of this pada to choose the right thing to get carried away with. They are the kind who will go about fanatically espousing their cause or belief.

2. The second pada or quarter of this asterism (10° 00' — 13° 20' Aquarius) falls in Capricorn Navamsa ruied by Saturn. This conveys the more practical and organizational aspect of this asterism. This is the pada which relates to all material activities under the domain of Shatabhisha. One has to watch out for excessive ambition in relation to the planets posited in this pada.

3. The third pada or quarter of this asterism (13° 20' — 16° 40' Aquarius) falls in Aquarius Navamsa ruied by Saturn. This pada relates to the visionary, futuristic and philosophical side of this nakshatra.In its negative aspect it can be too eccentric and rebellious. Planets placed in this pada often do well on the material plane as this is a vargottama position.

4. The fourth pada or quarter of this asterism (16° 40' — 20° 00' Aquarius) falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. This pada relates to the expansive, hallucinatory and illusory side of this nakshatra. When favourable it can give great powers of healing and compassion. When afflicted it can make one too ambiguous. Planets placed in this pada can often make the native lose themselves in one form of intoxication or other. It is however good for activities relying on Imagination like film-making etc.

Lunar Month and Day

It can be seen as the co-ruler of the month Shravan, which is generally said to be ruled by Shravana. One can expect the energies of this asterism to be stronger during the last 9 days of the lunar month of Shravan, a period which corresponds to the month of August in the solar calender. Shatabhisha is also related to the Chaturdashi (14th tithi or day) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Planetary Ruler

Shatabhisha is ruled by the planets — Saturn and Rahu. Rahu is the main ruler of this asterism. Shatabhisha is the pinnacle of Rahu's energy.

In its highest aspect this nakshatra relays the most knowledgeable and philosophical side of Rahu. Rahu, being a child of maya, carries within itself the complete knowledge of nature's hidden and complex funetionings. The humanitarian, all inclusive, philosophical disposition of this asterism, when it is functioning through its higher aspect, is very in tune with Rahu's disposition in its higher aspect. Rahu is that force that attempts to break down all boundaries of race, age, Status, nationality and religion to usher in a feeling of oneness of humanity, which in a sense embodies the spirit of Aquarius. Functioning through its Iower aspect, it relays the aspect of Rahu, which is responsible for consumption and manufacturing of all types of alchohol, intoxicants and drugs. All the significations of Rahu dealing with poisonous chemicals and substances also fall under the domain of this asterism. How planets posited in Shatabisha will function in a nativity depends on Rahu's functionings and intentions.

Saturn is associated with this nakshatra being the ruler of Aquarius. Saturn, as we know, is a planet associated with coldnesss, slowness, practicality, Organization, melancholy, stillness, discipline, introversion, perseverance and detachment. All these qualities find expression through this nakshatra. However the emphasis here is on stillness, introversion, contemplation, seclusion and philanthropy instead of the Capricorn-Saturn traits like materiality and organizational capacity.

Rahu-Saturn conjunctions in a chart convey similar energies to Shatabisha.

Mercury, Venus and Rahu do best in this nakshatra. Saturn also does well here but it can make one too melancholic.


Electricians and all those who work with electricity; Technology Experts; Radar & X-ray Experts; Chemotherapists; Astronauts; Astronomers & Astrologers; Space Research; Pilots; Radio Operators; Martial Arts Instructors & Martial Artists; Aeronautical, Rocket or Space Engineers; Aeronautical Industry; Those who work in the Film and Television Industry; Movie Stars; Trend Setters; Photographers; Science Fiction Writers & Enthusiasts; Nuclear Physicists and Physicists in general; Those working in the Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry; Physicians & Surgeons; Herbologists; Professions connected with the Production & Distribution of Alcohol; Drug Dealers, Pushers; Waste Disposal & Recycling Industry; Pimps & Prostitutes; Those who work in the Production of Plastics; Petroleum & associated Industries; Bikers & Motor Sports; Automobile Industry; Sea Faring Professions; Detectives, Puzzle Experts; Explorers, Hunters & Inventors; Yoga & Meditation gurus; Zen Experts.


High-tech Studios & Environments; Off Shore Drilling Stations; Space Stations; Airports; Observatories & Planetariums; Physics & Chemistry Labs; Bars & Nightclubs especially Techno Clubs; Factories; Hospitals; Nuclear Waste Dumps and Waste Dumps in general; Recycling Stations; Herbai Centers; Water Treatment Plants & Reservoirs; Oceans; Sea-Side; Temples, Meditation, Yoga & Zen Centres; Outer Space; Film & Television Studios; Processing Labs; Hunting Grounds; All places connected to the abovementioned professions.

Auspicious activities

Good for signing business deals & contracts, land & housing deals; Education or learning activities; Travel (especially over water); Bike riding; Acquiring new vehicles Recreational ventures; Meditation & yoga; Sexual activity; Studying astronomy & astrology; Medicine, therapies, rejuvenation & life enhancing activities; Media events; Technological activities; Visiting the sea-side.

Inauspicious activities

Not good for beginnings in general; Marriage; Childbirth; Fertility treatments; Law suits, arguments; Negative or wrathful action; Not beneficial for too much socializing unless it is work related; Not good for financial matters; Not good for buying new clothes or jewellery; Not good for domestic activities.

Health Issues

Arthritis, rheumatism, heart trouble, hypertension, calves and ankles, jaw problems, TMJ, bone fractures.


Healing measures can be used for those suffering from the bad effects of this nakshatra, which may manifest as health problems related to the body parts it rules, or problems with drug and alcohol addiction etc. One can also strengthen this nakshatra's energy to increase one's chances for fame in the media or progress in meditation.

The best way is to recite its root mantra "Om Lam" 108 times on Saturday and during its lunar month. While doing this, one should sit facing south west or south east The other more potent way is worship of Lord Shiva in any form one is attracted to.

One can wear all shades of blues and neon electric colours when undertaking activities related to this asterism.

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