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2nd house (Dhana Bhava) is also called ‘Dhana stana’ (wealth) house (stana means position) and deals with money matters, one’s deposits, income tax, customs, computers. It represents one’s family, early life, wealth, items relating to mouth and face, speech, food habits, vision in general and right eye in particular.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

speech, memory, education, property, mouth, throat, teeth, family, ears, nose, tongue, right eye, food, oral expression of knowledge, learning, pleasures, money, drink, wealth, jaw, self-confidence, educator, movable property, domestic happiness, spoken expressions, rules possessions, tradition.

Description of the House

The second is the house of livelihood. It relates to our earning capacity, our ability to provide for ourselves in life. It does not indicate career per se; rather, it shows how much financial success we attain in our career, and whatever accrues to us through our own labour.

Relating to the face, it can show how we appear in life. Relative to the mouth, it shows our appetite and may indicate taste, not only in food, but also our taste in art or ideas. As the house of speech, it shows intellect and the capacity for communication, including communication of an artistic and poetic kind. It represents education and, as immediately following the first house, shows the period of childhood (between infancy and puberty). Affliction to it can show unhappiness as a child or separation from the parents.

The second house shows how we operate and express ourselves in life, our capacity for communication and commerce on all levels. According to its strength it may give wealth, social prestige, or powers of speech and writing. Afflicted, it shows excessive spending or harsh speech.

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