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Scorpio is the negative sign of Mars, fixed water, the sexual organs of the Cosmic Person, a scorpion. As sign 8 (2 x 4), it shows a need for balance and stability on a deeper or psychic level.

Scorpio is a profound and mysterious sign. As the negative or physical side of Mars. Scorpio people are often soldiers, policemen or athletes. They like to use their martial power on a physical level and can be prone to the use of force. They usually have good muscles and like to exercise. When mentally developed they have a good capacity for research and inquiry and may become chemists or surgeons.

More evolved Scorpio types like to explore the depths of the mind and may have an interest in the occult and yoga (Tantra). Their kundalini can often be easily aroused for good or ill. They may like trying to work with or overcome negative forces, and the may see life as a battle between light and darkness, with which they may become obsessed. They are often fascinated with techniques or technologies for directing energy, either outwardly or inwardly.

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