20. Nakshatra Purva Ashadha

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Symbol: fan
13°20' — 26°40' Sagittarius

Purva Ashadha (sanskrit: पूर्वाषाढा) — the Invincible Star.

It is the pinnacle of Venusian energy, represented in the celestial firmament by three bright stars, known in modern astronomy as Epsilon-Sagittarii (Kaus Australis), Delta-Sagittarii (Kaus Media) & Epsilon-Sagittarii (Kaus Boreaiis). All of these stars lie in a line (with a slight deviation) in the middle portion of the constellation Sagittarius.

  • Range: 13°20' — 26°40' Sagittarius
  • Symbol: hand held fan
  • Deity: Apas, Varuna
  • Mode of Functioning: Balanced
  • Caste: Brahmin
  • Gender: Female
  • Body parts: Thighs and Back (from neck to waist)
  • Humor (Ayurvedic Constitution): Pitta
  • Direction: northeast to southeast, via east
  • Guna (Essence): Rajas
  • Tattwa (Element): Air
  • Gana (Type): Manusha (human)
  • Orientation: Downward
  • Disposition: Ugra (fierce and severe)
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Sounds: Bu, Dah, Bha, Dha
  • Animal symbol: Monkey
  • Primary Motivation: Moksha
  • Enemy: Pushya

Padas (Quarters)

1. The first pada or quarter of this asterism (13°20' — 16°40' Sagittarius) falls in Leo Navamsa and is ruled by Sun. This pada relates to the proud and confident side of Purvashadha. The Spiritual urge is strong here and is accompanied by a strong sense of ethics. Planets placed here like to bring limelight in the issues related to them.

2. The second pada or quarter of this asterism (16°40' — 20°00' Sagittarius) falls in Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada relates to the intellectual, alchemical aspect of this nakshatra. A lot of hard work is required here, but there is also the promise of great Spiritual or material accomplishment. Barring Venus, planets placed here aid one's career in one way or the other.

3. The third pada or quarter of this asterism (20°00' — 23°20' Sagittarius) falls in Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada relates to the easy going, luxury loving Venusian side of this nakshatra. The emphasis here is on reaping the fruits rather than working hard. This is a Pushkara Navamsa pada and barring Sun, planets posited here give good material results and promote all types of partnerships and group related activities.

4. The fourth pada or quarter of this asterism (23°20' - 26°40' Sagittarius) falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. This pada relates to the haughty, secretive, hidden and mysterious aspect of this nakshatra. Herein lies the two extremes, great occult wisdom or material perversity. Planets posited here are good for occult attainments and foreign affairs.

Lunar Month and Day

It relates to the first half of the lunar month of Ashadha. This month usually corresponds to late June in the solar calendar.

Purvashadha is also related to the Trayodashi (13th tithi or day) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Planetary Ruler

Venus is the main planetary ruler of Purvashadha . Venus reaches its highest individual energy as a planet in this nakshatra (its peak expression however comes through Revati, where it reaches maximum exaltation).

Purvashadha is the power and purity of the childlike mind, which is represented by Jupiter in the form of faith and wonder. It is the child which Stands before the universe. It is the power of renewed life that never grows old. That is why Mercury, the eternal youth, is tntimately associated on the esoteric plane with this nakshatra. Wherever there is Venus to bring back life from the dead, there is Mercury behind it. The combination of Mercury,Venus and Jupiter is the Alchemist's secret. Alchemy first takes place in this nakshatra before reaching its completion in Revati (27th nakshatra). Purvashadha is the initiate of the occult mystery schools, Jupiter in this case being the Student of Venus and Mercury. Everyone has to be blessed by Venus and Purvashadha to enter this school. Therefore Mercury has to function well with Venus in a horoscope for any type of real occult attainments. In general astrological terms, Jupiter-Venus, Mercury-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury-Venus conjunctions carry an energy similar to that of Purvashadha. Mercury-Venus & Jupiter-Venus exchange also carry Purvashadha energy. Besides Saturn, all planets usually do well in Purvashadha. Unless afflicted, even Saturn would do well in its 2nd and 3rd padas.


Hypnotists & Psychic Mediums; Sailors; Navy Personnel; Marine Life Experts; Shipping Industry; Fishing Professions; Professional Hosts & Hostesses; Entertainment Industry; Rock Stars; Professional Motivators and Inspirers; Teachers & Preachers of Motivational Philosophies; Managers of all types; Poets, Writers, Artists, Painters; All industries processing raw materials especially liquids; Refineries; War Strategists & Weapons Experts; Costume Designers; Fashion Experts; Hair Dressers; Para jumpers; Hot Air Balloonists; Flying profession especially in regards to civilian transport; Beauticians; Herbalists; Those working in Amusement parks; All professions associated with water and liquids in all its forms.


Oceans; Lakes; Aquarium Parks; Swimming Pools; Docks, Ports; Shipping Yards; Temples; Boats; High Class Estates; Air ports; Luxury Islands & Hotels; Beauty Salons; Amusement Parks; Art Galleries; Music Concert Halls; Places where pompous functions & high society gatherings are held.

Auspicious activities

Facing issues which require courage; Taking a strong stance; Confronting enemies and Opposition along with reconciliations and forgiveness; Settling debts; Going to war; Inspiring and inciting others into action; Renewal and revitalizing one's energies, goals and actions on the mental, spiritual, emotional or physical planes; Adventures including exploration into nature and sporting activities; Creative pioneering; Travelling over water, visiting water places and activities connected to water; Sailing and other water Sports; Confidence boosting strategies; Worshipping female goddess energies; Showing off; Acts of bravery; Good for equine activities; Artistic Performances; Decorating oneself or one's surroundings to spiee it up; Visiting ancient sites; Spiritual & oecult initiations/attainments; Favourable for agricultural activities; Good for marriage and invigorating sexual activity; All activities connected to its professions.

Inauspicious activities

Unfavourable for activities requiring tact and diplomacy; Not a time for calm 'reflection; Not good for endings unless the ending promises a brighter future or higher step up the ladder; Not especially good for land journeys.

Health Issues

Bladder, kidney problems, thighs and hips, sexual diseases, colds and lung problems, sciatica, rheumatism.


For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is to worship Goddess Laxmi, and other Venusian deities like Lalita and Tripurasundari.

Repetition of the root mantra of this nakshatra - "Om Bam" 108 times when Moon transitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month is sure to reduce suffering and bring enlightenment into a person's life.

Persons who are benefiting from the positive energy of this nakshatra can also increase the good effects through the above mentioned ways. It is helpful for them to wear ornate and decorative garments and jewellery, in variegated pastel colours. Mixtures of white, light pink and light blue are ideal. All psychedelic colours go well with the energy of Purvashadha. One should use its directions, lunar month and the days when Moon transits Purvashadha to undertake all important actions.

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