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Pisces is the negative sign of Jupiter, mutable water, the feet of the Cosmic Person, the fishes. As sign 12, it shows the complete display of all possibilities but not necessarily their proper integration.

Pisces individuals are emotional, expansive, intuitive and imaginative. They are enthusiastic but not always wisely so. They like to influence others but are themselves easily influenced and may be vulnerable or impressionable. They are friendly and communicative and can relate to a variety of people. They can easily become dependent or make others dependent on them.

Pisces are sentimental and easily moved by feelings, including those that are not genuine. They are friendly and compassionate but can be too easily moved by sympathy and pity. When frustrated in life, they often develop self-pity. They are usually attached to the past for good or ill and may accept the values of the culture and religion into which they are born. However, they are susceptible to missionary type influences and like demonstrations of faith. They like ceremony and ritual, enjoy music, and make good musicians.

Pisceans often lack boundaries and may not have enough clarity and practicality. They can be amorphous, hard to pin down, and will appear in such a way as to please others or reflect the influence of the moment. As a mutable and emotional sign, they are prone to emotional disorders and may have sensitive digestive and nervous systems. They are not often good leaders but make good followers or promoters.

Pisceans can lack in self-confidence or have too many impractical ideas about themselves, though they wish to achieve a great deal in life. They can become dependent on or addicted to sugar or alcohol and often need special acknowledgement or approval. Pisces types need to control their imaginations and develop more discrimination. Once they do this, they can reflect the creative joy of the soul.

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