North Node of the Moon (Rahu)

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Lunar Nodes: Rahu and Ketu

Rahu symbol.png Rahu

I worship Rahu, with only half a body, great in valour, who oppresses the Sun and Moon, who was born from the womb of a lion.
Hymn to the Planet by Vyasa


Dressed in black, black in colour, who has four arms, who is fearful to behold, a head without a body, whose body is a serpent, whose vehicle is a lion, who carries a sword, trident and discus in his hands, with a hessonite crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that grants boons — may Divine Rahu ever grant us his grace.

Rahu is considered the dragon’s head or north node of the Moon. Rahu is considered an anti-God and a bitter enemy to the Moon (Chandra). It was Soma, the Moon God that detected Rahu disguised as a god receiving the ambrosia of immortality. Rahu’s head was severed by Vishnu, the preserver; but since it had drank of the divine nectar it had everlasting life. As revenge, Rahu tries to devour the Moon when it is full. This is the tale of the eclipses and why they are vulnerable times on the planet.

Durga is considered the main female deity associated with Rahu. She is a fierce warrior, battle queen and personal savior of her devotees.

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