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9th house (Bhagya Bhava) called house of luck (fortune) and religion, it represents father or preceptor, virtuous nature, faith, morals, law, long journeys, higher knowledge, medicine, pilgrimage, higher studies like doctorate, long journeys, languages like Sanskrit, Roman and Hebrew. It also indicates grandparents, grandchildren and mental aptitude towards Yoga and sadhana.

It represents hips.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

religion, guru, thighs, long-term journeys, meditation, faith, professional training, medicine, ethics, wisdom, fortune, worship, piety, remedies, visits to shrines, life philosophy, pilgrimages, air travels, Vedic sciences, preceptor, legal or religious places, mental purity, learning prosperity, coronation halls.

rules preceptor, foreign journey, fortune, father, worship, legal or religious matters, virtue, grand child, religious places, drug, science, mental purity, learning, affluence, prosperity, coronation halls.

Position Meaning
1st from 8th general stature and health of enemies
2nd from 8th gain through insurance and spouses relatives
3rd from 7th letters of partnership, short journey of spouse
4th form 6th property of enemy
5th from 5th grand children, speculative gains of children
6th from 4th mother's health, debts and legal cases
7th from 3rd brother's wife or sister's husbands, partnership and dispute with brothers
8th from 2nd loss of wealth
10th from 12th activity of foes, conspirators
11th from 11th business gains of friends
12th from 10th loss of career

Vishnu Bhaskar - Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology, Volume One

Description of the House

The ninth is the house of dharma, dharma bhava, and shows our prime values, principles and ideals. It is the house of the father, and his fate can be read from it. It shows the authorities that guide and inspire us.

The ninth is the house of religion, philosophy and law, and indicates our spiritual and ethical disposition. It is a good gauge of our potential for spiritual or yogic practices. The ninth relates to the deeper and philosophical side of the mind and our capacity for abstract thinking. It shows our higher education as well. As showing our values, it helps reveal our profession, particularly if we are teachers or religious figures, roles which are ruled by the ninth house.

The ninth is the prime house of grace, fortune and luck, and gives sudden and unexpected gains. Those who win lotteries or races usually have good influences from this house, Good planets here can go very far to counteract any negative influences in the chart.

The ninth house gives honour, prestige and power in life, usually of a beneficent nature. It gives easy recognition and acceptance, and through its strength our principles are able to operate in the world and shape the course of events.

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