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Leo is the sign of the Sun (positive), fixed fire, the solar plexus of the Cosmic Person, a lion. As sigh 5, it shows a need for other and harmony around a central will and character influence.

Leo individuals possess a strong sense of self, character and will. they know who they are and want others to recognise it. They are proud, bold, ambitious and aristocratic. They respond strongly and personally to things and are dramatic, sometimes vain, in their self0expression. They like to shine in social situations and may dominate others. Leos prefer to be the centre of attention and value honour, respect and prestige. They are often strong souls and possessed of fine principles and good intelligence. They can be refined in their manners or philosophical in their outlook on life.

Leos have strong and noble hearts but can suffer from too powerful emotions or too much need for attention. They do not always do well in partnership and tend to form alliances with inferiors or to subordinate their partners to them. They may suffer from their children as they do not always give them enough enough independence. They like to turn others into satellites that rebel against them. If they can control their pride they can develop much power of character that can take them through all the highs and lows of life and grant them a spiritual perception. Inwardly they can develop greatness of the soul. As they have a high standard for themselves, Leos can become very dejected if they fail or do not succeed as much as they wish.

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