South Node of the Moon (Ketu)

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Lunar Nodes: Rahu and Ketu

Ketu symbol.png Ketu

I worship Ketu, whose head is the stars and planets, who has the dark luster of a palasha flower, who is fierce and terrible in nature.
Hymn to the Planet by Vyasa


Dressed in gray, of the colour of smoke, who has two arms, whose head is cut off, who has a serpent’s head, whose vehicle is a serpent, who carries a mace in his hand, with a cat’s eye crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that grants boons — may Divine Ketu ever grant us his grace.

Ketu is the dragon’s tail or south node of the Moon. The deity associated with Ketu is Rudra, the lord of the storms and the causer of tears.

Ganesha is sometimes associated with Ketu as the bringer of enlightenment. Ketu is called the moksha karaka planet, the chaya graha (shadow planet) of spiritual liberation. Ketu is also considered a monster that gives birth to comets and meteors. It is also said to have a Mars-like quality, spiritual warrior quality.

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