Kapha Dosha

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Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha — Moon, Venus, Jupiter

Kapha is cold, damp, heavy, opaque and immobile, just like water, particularly water in a lake or enclosed area.

Kapha is water that is held in the confines of the earth, the bodily fluids that are held within the linings of the skin and mucus membranes. It has earthy qualities of heaviness, density and obstruction.

Kapha makes up the bulk of the bodily tissues, which are mainly composed of earth (muscle, skin, bone, teeth, hair and nails) and water (blood, plasma, fat). These mainly relate to the Moon.

Kapha is an emotional force, on the negative side, creates attachment, greed and clinging, which are stagnating watery emotions. On the positive side, it creates love, faith and loyalty, watery emotions of endurance and support. Astrologically, such emotions relate to the Moon and Venus.

Kapha creates our emotional sensitivity, love, caring and nurturing qualities, the factors of the Moon and Venus.

Kapha governs birth and growth, the initial or formative stage of development, as in childhood, morning or the spring time. These relate mainly to the Moon. Yet also governs fertility and reproduction governed by Venus.

The higher form of Kapha is called Ojas, which is responsible for the creative and transformative powers of the water element.

Kapha planets

  • The Moon governs the water element, the bodily fluids in general and all Kapha systems as a whole. It rules over our emotions or feeling nature which is mainly a Kapha activity, as water allows us to be receptive and to nurture. A strong Moon contributes to good Kapha in the body and to a Kapha constitution. However, the Moon has some airy or Vata qualities by its changeable nature, particularly when it is close to the Sun and lacking in brilliance, as a new Moon. Afflictions to the Moon impact health in infancy as well as can disturb the psychology (even more so than in the case of Mercury).
  • Venus governs Kapha in a more specific way, just as Mars does Pitta, particularly through female energy, which is watery in nature, and through the reproductive system system with which it has a special connection. Like the Moon it also has some Vata or airy qualities, including changeability. Venus endows us with a Kapha or watery type of beauty and grace. it causes diseases mainly through luxury, dissipation or self-indulgence, even when the basic constitution may not be weak.
  • Jupiter is a planet that creates bulk in the body and so is Kapha planet, although it represents more the active side of Kapha energy. Opposite Saturn as the planet of disease, Jupiter is also the planet of positive health, which in Ayurveda occurs owing to good or healthy Kapha in the body. Jupiter indicates the benefic influence of the soul and its healing energy. Jupiter also governs the mental aspect of Kapha, giving a steady and profound intelligence along with emotional sensitivity, calm and faith. Like Venus, however, it can cause disease through self-indulgence or complacency.

Kapha types

Kapha-types are usually short and stocky and heavy in build. Sometimes they are tall but they always possess a large frame with big bones. Their skin is thick and their flesh is well developed. They hold excess weight and water unless they work hard to keep it off. Their eyes are large and white, with large lashes. Their hair is abundant and thick. Their teeth are large, white and attractive. They sleep easily, often excessively and may be lazy. They suffer from cold and dampness but possess strong endurance. In short, Kapha physical factors reflect mainly the influences of the Moon and Jupiter. However, they often have attractive facial features, reflecting the influence of Venus.

Kaphas easily accumulate phlegm in their bodies and suffer most from bronchial and pulmonary disorders, including asthma. They easily get edema and can have weak kidneys as well. They are most prone to obesity and its consequent diseases like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Yet if they can control their weight they are the longest living and healthiest of all the types. Their diseases are also mainly of the Moon and Jupiter.

Kaphas are emotional types with much love, devotion and loyalty (Moon and Venus influence). Yet they also possess much desire and attachment and may be greedy or acquisitive (Venus and lower Jupiterian influences). Kapha women are often romantic and sentimental and cry easily.

Reflecting the influence of the Moon, Kaphas are generally conservative, traditional or conventional in their behaviour and beliefs. They like to belong and seldom rebel, functioning best as part of a family or community rather than on their own. They are largely content, if not complacent in their disposition and accept things as they are. They are stable and consistent but sometimes stagnate. They do not like to change and find it difficult to even when they want to.

Kaphas are friendly, particularly with people they know, and create life long associations. Yet they can have difficulties relating to strangers or foreigners. While they do not like to hurt others, they can be insensitive to the needs of others if these are different than their own. They do not take hints easily. Often they have to be confronted or criticised before they take action.

Mentally, Kaphas are slower than the other types in their ability to grasp new information, but what they learn is retained. They are not creative or inventive but do carry things out and make them practical. They are better at finishing projects that at producing new ideas. They like to bring things into form and create institutions and establishments. When their Jupiter is strong they can be highly intelligent, however, with much power of memory and concentration and great steadiness of mind. In this case they can even be good philosophers and yogis.

Kapha are usually good parents and providers and like to care for others. Kapha women are good mothers and wives, excelling at cooking, baking and homemaking, again owing to the strong lunar influence. Kapha types may be cooks or work in restaurants. With their large chests, good lungs and good voices, Kaphas make good singers. They like to accumulate wealth and hold firmly to what they get. They do well as real estate and property management and make good bankers. They are able to accumulate things externally, just as they tend to hold weight or emotions internally.

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