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Gemini is the positive sign of Mercury, mutable air, the lower neck and shoulders of the Cosmic Person, twins, or a couple (a man and a woman), As sign 3, it gives an energetic nature with a seeking of change and interchange, motion and invention.

Those in whom the influence of Gemini predominates are nervous, restless and agitated. They possess quickness and adaptability of body and mind but can exhaust themselves through excessive activity. They have good intellects, along with excellent powers of speech and a good command of language. They may be writers, journalists, or poets, or secretaries or computer programmers, They are good with information and statistics and may be scientists, There is a speculative side of their minds, however, and they can pursue ideas for their own sake or get caught up in their own unrealistic fantasies or worries.

Gemini are as mobile in human relationships as they are in mind and tend to marry more than once or have several partners. They may be strongly sexually oriented, but must be careful because their vital energy is not always as high as their imaginations. They love stimulation and novelty and can easily become addicted to media or computer influences. They like anything that excites their nervous system or increases their velocity in life but can become hypersensitive or neurotic. Their agility of mind may cause them to become deceptive or unreliable.

Geminis can be indecisive and never bring anything to fruition. They are the most changeable of all types and always on the go until their energy fails them. Once they come to seek inner knowledge rather than outer knowledge and sensation, they can become quite spiritual, as their energy is the most subtle and volitive of all the signs.

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