Fourth House

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4th house (Shukha Bhava) is also called ‘Matru’ (mother) Bhava. Shukha means comforts. 4th house represents mother, motherland, home life, fixed assets (such as land and property), conveyances (such as cars), general happiness, comforts, academic degree, endings, passions, emotions, matters of the heart, house, mental peace and education.

It represents chest, particularly lungs.

Ruling Planet: Moon, Venus.

heart, mother, dearest people, home comforts, vehicles, lungs, breast, wells, graves, confidence, character, emotions, degree, piety, belief, close friends, house decoration and order, lands, agricultural products, home country, landed property, house, mines, kingdom, river, lake, pond, milk.

Description of the House

The fourth is the house of the mother, matri bhava, and is used to judge her influence in one’s life. It also shows our house and environment, both outwardly and inwardly (the mind). Thus it relates to our basic emotional nature, our heart or feelings. Upbringing, education and refinement in life can be seen through it. It indicates the masses and, consequently, our popularity, particularly on a public level.

The fourth house shows land and property, and our ability to acquire them. As the general house of property it shows the vehicles we possess, like automobiles.

On a psychological level, the fourth shows how happy we are at home or in our emotional nature. It also relates to our capacity for rest and relaxation. It is the psychological house per se, and afflictions to it show emotional and mental disorders. It is probably the most sensitive of all the houses, and afflictions to it can be hard to overcome.

Spiritually, the fourth house indicates our faith and our family religious background. It shows our capacity for devotion and contemplation. It marks the nadir, the lowest point in the chart, and hence what is internal, hidden, or personal. Benefic planets here are good for meditation and peace of mind.

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