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1st house (Lagna Bhava) is the most important of all the houses and determines the longevity, overall well-being, general tendencies, physical appearance, longevity, body, limbs, health, character and nature of the native.

It specifically signifies the face and the head.

Ruling Planet: Sun.

health, temperament, head, ego, happiness, constitution, mind, strength, appearance, face, vision, eyes, body, longevity, nature complexion, discretion, Atman, vigour, place of birth, the Self, sense of self-worth.

Description of the House

The first house relates to the self. it indicates our basic self-expression in life and our appearance in the material world. In Sanskrit it is called tanur bhava, which means “the house of the body”. The first house is the main factor in determining our physical constitution, but it also shows our orientation to life as a whole. As the beginning of the houses, it is the house of birth and shows our origin. Strongly afflicted, it produces difficult birth or even infant mortality. it indicates our congenital physical vitality, so that when weak it is a primary factor in ill health.

The Sun shows who we are, our basic character or individuality. The Moon shows how we relate to others, how we appear on a social level to friends and family. The Ascendant or first house indicates how we project ourselves on a public level — our initial and general appearance to the world at large. Therefore if determines the whole structure of our outer manifestation, our personality, as well as our body. Afflictions to it cause psychological as well as physical disorders.

For any significant accomplishment in life, a strong first house and its lord are necessary. It aids us in all our actions, particularly career, vocation and dharma, because it establishes our self-identity. Much like the tenth house, it is important for honour, integrity, fame or recognition.

Whatever the first house is associated with becomes central to our manifestation in life. Aligned with the ninth house, it gives an ethical nature or spirituality; with the sixth or eighth house it gives disease, with the second or eleventh house it gives wealth, and so on according to the nature of the house factors with which it is connected. Through it, the influences of the planets are able to enter into us and become part of our lives. The Ascendant is our general significator in the chart, our vehicle in manifestation. It is the most important factor in the chart and its strength or weakness can override anything else.

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