Fifth House

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5th house (Putra Bhava) is called as ‘Putra’ (children) Bhava’ and represents children, intelligence, higher knowledge, sense of destiny (poorvapunya), morals, pleasure, generosity, love affairs, investments and speculations.

It indicates stomach and gives professions of teacher, principal and gynaecologist, right knee or leg.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

children, future, higher education, business, spleen, romance, advice, authority, judgment, royalty, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, intellect, solar plexus, virtues, disciples, talents, deep learning, customary law, morals, pregnancy, foresight, hereditary post.

Description of the House

The fifth is traditionally the house of children, putra bhava. It represents our capacity to have children and shows the kind of relationship we will have with them. Afflicted, it either denies children or limits happiness through them (though for women the fifth house from the Moon is often more important for children than the fifth from the Ascendant).

The fifth is the house of creativity in general. On a higher level, it shows creative intelligence, our capacity for original thinking. It indicates our capacity to give good advice and to counsel others. In this regard it is important for lawyers and politicians. Generally, the fifth is the most important house for judging our level of intelligence (buddhi). Afflicted, it gives wrong judgement and emotional distortion to the thinking mind.

On the spiritual level, the fifth is the house of the Ishta Devata, the form of God that we choose to worship in life. It shows our devotion, the truth which is our guiding star. Like the ninth, it is a house of grace and good karma, It indicates the resources or merits (or lack of them) we bring into life, our past life karma. It is the house of mantra and shows our proficiency in using our words and thoughts with spiritual power.

The fifth is a house of love, higher or lower. It indicates romance and is the house of the beloved (not necessarily the marriage partner). It is a house of pleasure, enjoyment, and recreation, and shows what we love to do. It is also the house of positive health and vitality.

The fifth is another house of wealth and fortune. It shows our capacity to gain through speculation (like the stock market), how we can gain through our productions, creations, recreation and imagination.

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