Eleventh House

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11th house (Laba Bhava) is house of gains/profits or ‘Labha’ and represents sources of income, elder brothers and sisters, friend’s circle and legs. Gains through profession, ambitions, desires, support from friends, eldest brother, paternal uncle.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

source of income, circle of friends, elder siblings, shank, prosperity, success in undertakings, opportunities, long-term desires, associations, calves, club life, fulfilment of hopes, fulfilment of wishes, gains, profits, auspicious events, source of income, ministership, left ear.

Description of the House

The eleventh is the house of gains, labha bhava, and shows income or that which brings us increase. It indicates anything that we may possess much of or find increase through. It relates to goals, aspirations, will and ambition. It measures our individualistic motivation that can lead to impulsiveness and egoism. On the other hand, the eleventh house indicates the realisation of our ideals and desires. In terms of family relationships it represents elder brothers and sisters and their fate is read through it.

The eleventh is a house of abundance, in which all planets are usually strong and favourable, both malefics and benefics. Whatever planet is located here will tend to possess its qualities in great measure. Venus here can indicate several partners. Jupiter here gives wealth. Mercury gives a good mind and success in communication ventures. The Sun shows the fulfilment of our prime goals in life.

The eleventh gives material gains, but there is a tendency to be overly presumptuous about them and to overextend ourselves. It is not only the place of abundance but also of excess. On a higher level, the eleventh gives spiritual gains and shows the development of an expansive and articulate intelligence. In this respect it resembles the fifth house, its opposite point in the chart. As the fifth is our intelligence, the eleventh is our ability to project that intelligence into the world. As the fifth house relates to writing, the eleventh is publishing.

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