Eighth House

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8th house (Ayur Bhava) Ayur means lifespan. Also known as ‘Ayu sthana’ it represents life force, longevity, spiritual practices, intuition, psychic abilities, gains from wills, legacies, deeds, court cases and insurance policies, chronic and long-term sickness, monetary gains from partner, secrets, diseases related to reproductive system, anus, misfortunes, accidents, injuries, death, underground wealth, historical things and monuments, parental property and mining.

Ruling Planet: Saturn.

secrets, inheritance, death, mysticism, latent ailments, insurance, tantra, intuition, transformation, transcendence, calamity, separation, longevity, spiritual techniques, rebirth, foresight, thieves, hidden treasures, psychic abilities, conspiracies, dangers, mode of death, underground places, mysteries of life and death, unearned wealth, external sexual organs, anus, inheritance, knowing of unknown, occult.

Description of the House

The eighth is the infamous house of death, mrityu bhava. It indicates destruction and dishonour and can show negative, criminal or violent aspects of the character. It represents chronic diseases or injury leading to death. It can indicate those people in life that we are likely to lose to death. Planets here cause us to suffer relative to the affairs that they represent in the chart. On a positive side, the eighth house indicates wealth that is gained through inheritance or legacy.

The eighth is a very deep and mysterious house and can give profound insight to the mind, an understanding of life and death. It gives a strong and piercing but not always benefic intelligence and can show genius. It indicates research or invention, including mathematics and philosophy. It can give proficiency in Tantric type yogas and occult knowledge. The eighth shows distant travels or strange adventures, both in body and mind. it is the house of transformation for good or ill.

The eighth house shows our connection with the dark or underworld side of life. Drugs, prostitution and the power to manipulate others are shown here. The eighth gives a strong sexual passion and a good deal of sexual attractiveness, but often lacks the concern for partnership shown in the seventh house.

The eighth is the house of longevity, indicating our span of life. Showing the nature of our death, it also indicates the factors that tend to keep us alive. The negative and positive implications of this house are major factors for determining the ultimate meaning of our lives.

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