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Meaning of Vastu

The word “Vastu” - in a broad sense - has two meanings. It mainly means “the place where people dwell”.

“Vastu” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Vaas” which means “to reside”. This first meaning includes sites on which buildings are raised and the buildings themselves. Selection of site, architecture, civil engineering, landscaping and astrology are inevitable components of vastu.

The shaastra (study) of vastu (articles) is also called vastu shaastra. The study of articles - their shape, size, weight, colour, quality, material, value and psychological effect - is covered under the subject of interior decoration. The word “Vastu” - in its broader meaning - thus embraces the following:

  • study and arrangements of land and buildings.
  • interior decoration.
  • the right way of living according to the established classical rules.

Further reading

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