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Vedic astrology employs the same twelve signs of the zodiac as does Western astrology. The meanings are similar, but their locations are determined sidereally.

Sign Sanskrit Symbol Ruler
Aries Mesha Ram Mars
Taurus Vrishabha Bull Venus
Gemini Mithuna Twins Mercury
Cancer Kataka Crab Moon
Leo Simha Lion Sun
Virgo Kanya Virgin Mercury
Libra Tula Balance Venus
Scorpio Vrishchika Scorpion Mars
Sagittarius Dhanus Bow Jupiter
Capricorn Makara Crocodile Saturn
Aquarius Kumbha Pot Saturn
Pisces Mina Fishes Jupiter

The signs reflect the meaning of the planet that rules them. The key to sign rulership is that it reflects the orbits of the planets around the Sun.

Quality of signs

Each sign relates to one of the three major qualities, which in Western astrology are called cardinal, fixed, and mutable. In Sanskrit they are called chara, or moveable, sthira, firm or immovable, and dwiswabhava or dual natured.

These qualities relate to the manner in which the individual directs his or her energy and are reflected in the nature of the character. In terms of electrical charges they are much like positive (cardinal), neutral (fixed) and negative (mutable). No quality is necessarily better than the other. Each has its energetic pattern and characteristic imbalances that must be mastered by any individual dominated by it.

Signs and the elements

Each sign relates to one of the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire or Air, in one of the three modes of these major qualities. As the signs show the field in which the planets operate, their elements show their different levels, the layers or densities of our being through which we function in life.

Description of the signs

Western astrology focuses on the Sun sign. In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant is the most important factor, the Moon sign comes second, and the Sun sign is only third. This is logical, because the Ascendant is the most quickly changing of all planetary factors. It changes signs in two hours, compared to two and a half days for the Moon and a month for the Sun. Hence it more directly reflects our individuality. As it is the point of orientation of the Earth to the heavens, it also more directly reflects the meaning of our particular incarnation on Earth.

The following delineation of the signs is general, mainly according to personality types. Their qualities are described here primarily as Ascendants that, but the same indications apply as Moon signs or Sun signs.

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