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Vedic astrology and Ayurveda have a significant overlap. Vedic astrology contains a medical system based on Ayurveda, while Ayurveda contains a system for the timing of disease and its treatment based upon Vedic Astrology.

Ayurvedic astrology is the medical branch of Vedic astrology, adding to it the Ayurvedic view of health and healing. It uses the language of Ayurveda to understand the effects of the planets on the body and mind relative to health, disease and longevity. Ayervadic astrology also uses Vedic astrology as an aid to Ayurvedic analysis. diagnosis and treatment, showing how planetary factors cause disease and how balancing planetary factors can be an important aid in any cure.

Ayurvedic astrology combines these two great disciplines:

  • Vedic astrology to plot the influences of time and karma;
  • Ayurveda to show how these relate to our state of Prana or vital energy.

Combining these two great disciplines together, there is nothing that we cannot treat or cannot understand.

Vedic astrology considers that the determination of physical and mental health is the foundation of all astrological analysis. Whatever other indications may occur in a chart - whether for career, wealth, relationship or spirituality - these cannot bear fruit if a person has significant physical or mental impairments, Traditionally the ascertainment of longevity was the first factor to be examined by a good astrologer. This was not a simple matter of determining how long a person was likely to live, but part of a general determination of the vitality of a person, showing the energy available to activate the opportunities afforded them by the chart. In this regard, medical or Ayurvedic astrology is usually the first step of all astrological examination.

However, Ayurvedic astrology is not simply a physically-based medical astrology. it reflects the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Ayurveda as well. It is concerned with all levels of our well-being, which depend entirely upon our connection to the Soul, the real person or Atman within. In this regard, Ayuervedic astrology is concerned with healing body, mind and spirit, using the tools of the entire universe, the foremost of which is the light of the stars and planets. It expands the field of Ayurveda to its broadest possible range.

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