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Planet of the Soul, Atmakaraka – this planet shows the predestination of a person, nature, talents and true desires.

Planets are generally those material bodies that revolve round the Sun. The planets are: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The deep insight and practical observation of the ancient sages of our land discovered the fact that, Rahu and Ketu which have no material bodies, but are only shadows in space have a very profound, long lasting and definite effect on all that exists on our planet. Because of their aforesaid actual and profound effect, Rahu and Ketu have also been considered as planets in spite of their “shadowy” nature. Each of the above nine planets incorporates in itself, one or the other of the traits of all the “things”, “beings”, “situations”, “institutions” etc., in the world. Thus each planet represents in a definite manner some good, bad or indifferent traits, and exerts to create or reproduce in the man, woman or being that it influences, those traits. Thus we have each planet as a “significator” for different states, colours, directions, metals, limbs, relations etc.