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Capricorn is the negative sign of Saturn, cardinal earth, the knees of the Cosmic Person, a crocodile. As sign 10, it shows the state of power, order and complete organisation.

Capricorn is often the lowest and the highest of the signs in terms of achievement in life. It is the sign of practical realisation. on the material level, this can create much worldliness and obstinacy and make people selfish. Less evolved Capricorn types may be sons of the earth, farmers who know little beyond their farm. Somewhat more evolved is the hardheaded Capricornian businessman who saves everything for some eventual great gain. On the spiritual level, Capricorn can give the capacity to manifest spiritual principles in daily life and practical work.

Capricorn types are hardworking, persevering, and tenacious and have the power for eventual great accomplishments. They usually work for themselves and learn to value everything that comes through their own effort. They start slowly in life, often encounter many obstacles along the way, but thereby create the energy for long-term success. They are ambitious but often narrow in their goals and rigid or cutting in their opinions. They can be shrewd at business and are often good in science and technology, with a strong mathematical sense. They tend to be traditional and may have much past life karma in traditional and Oriental cultures.

Capricorn need to learn more self-surrender, to take themselves less seriously and to be less concerned about outer forms. They are often detached from their emotions, either by lower sensate or higher intellectual or spiritual values, or by conventionally or just being caught in the senses.

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