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Cancer is the sign of the Moon (an even or negative sign), cardinal water, the chest of the Cosmic Person, a crab. A sign 4, it shows a need for mental and emotional stability and happiness.

Cancer people are usually friendly, sympathetic, caring and nurturing, as they are under the sign of the mother. They value human relationship and the exchange of feelings, particularly on an intimate and personal level. They have many people in their homes or friends coming and going, and they like to cook or care for them.

Cancerians seek popularity and are sensitive to the moods of the masses, through which they can gain social influence and recognition. Yet they may be emotionally sensitive, shy, and dependent They love their home and family, but sometimes to the point of narrow mindedness. In the same way, they can love their community, country or religion with an enclosure of feeling.

Cancerians are devoted, loving and intuitive, sensing immediately the feelings of others. They have powerful imaginations, yet may be bound by subconscious fixation and attachments. They are gentle and non-harmful but may become defensive or cowardly. They are just and frugal, but may be lacking in will, initiative and courage. They are receptive and can become contemplative when they open up to the spiritual life. They are usually of a devotional bent of mind, yet they will represent and project the beliefs they follow to the world at large. Once they feel connected they gain confidence, initiative and power and can shine over others like the Moon. Once they learn how to be receptive to truth, they can do great service and act with great power.

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