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Aries is the positive sign of Mars, cardinal fire, the beginning of the zodiac and the head of the Cosmic Person (time personified), a ram. As sign 1, Aries gives independence, force, self-expression and a strong personal orientation in life.

Aries types are dynamic, aggressive and competitive, and possess much initiative. They often live in their heads and can have a penetrating power of perception. They have scientific and logical abilities and may be good at research and invention. They are independent, adventurous and skilful in whatever they do. While they possess strong emotions and passions, they usually remain in control of them.

Aries people are wilful, impulsive or headstrong and can be critical or opinionated. Yet they can make good psychologists once they learn to examine themselves. Less evolved Aries types may be angry and manipulative, pushing their way through life and imposing their ideas and energies on others. Their martial energy is expressed more through the mind than the body. They are prone to argument but do not often resort to violence.

Aries types can be self-centered and are not always sensitive to others. They benefit from relationships to balance them out. They are usually initiating a new phase of manifestation. Their key to spiritual growth is to use their sharp minds and strong energies to discover truth, not to promote themselves.

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