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Saturn symbol.png Saturn

I worship Saturn, dark blue in colour, who is born before the God of death, the son of the Sun and shadow.
Hymn to the Planet by Vyasa


Dressed in blue, dark blue in colour, who has four arms, the son of the Sun, who appears fearful, whose nature is peaceful, whose vehicle is an ox, who moves slowly, who carries a trident, bow and mace in his hands, with a sapphire crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that grants boons — may Divine Saturn ever grant us his grace.

Shani is the Vedic name for the planet of truth (satya), Saturn. The male deity is the dark side of Shiva, the destroyer. He destroys Kama (desire) through the gaze of his eyes.

The female deity associated with Saturn is Kali. She is adorned with a necklace of skulls around her neck, which represents the heads of ignorance that she has removed. Shani and Kali are often dressed in black or dark blue and are associated with spritual discipline and asceticism.

Parashara states that Brahma is the chief deity associated with Saturn. Yama is also associated with Saturn as a planetary deity according to Phaladeepika by Mantereswara.

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