Retired Air Force Officer Driver Die As SUV Plunges Into Lagoon

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A retired Air Vice Marshal (AVM) and his driver have recovered dead soon after their Ford Explorer Sports Utility Car (SUV) plunged into the lagoon Saturday</a> The incident occurred around ten:55pm, by the University of Lagos (UNILAG) waterfront. A motorist had told The Nation that: "There was a vehicle inside the lagoon. Individuals are trapped in it. The automobile was heading into Lagos Island. Fishermen and LASEMA are trying to protected the occupants of the car now. The deceased have been said to be driving inward Lagos Island, when they colluded with one more automobile on the bridge. As a result of the accident, the SUV, it was gathered, tumbled various instances just before skidding into the lagoon. According to a source, they each had their seat belts on and didn’t have physical injuries.

He said: "All the air bags in the car came out. It was a severe accident. The burnet pulled out and the roof was flattened, which indicated that the vehicle may have tumbled at least 3 instances just before nosediving. The automobile was more than 75 % submerged into the muddy portion of the lagoon. When we brought it out, we had to 1st raise the flattened car to prevent inflicting injuries on the bodies. The GM has been in touch with his family members and officers from the Nigerian Air Force. A prominent Lagosian, the AVM, it was gathered retired from the Nigerian Air Force some years ago and had considering the fact that devoted his time, sources in the real estate sector. It was learnt that the retired Common came into Nigeria final Tuesday from the United Kingdom to attend a burial. Common Manager LASEMA, Adesina Tiamiyu confirmed the incident, but declined further comments on the situation. He mentioned: "This is a sad incident. I can only tell you that we recovered two bodies.
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A Senior Advocate Nigeria and a Spanish-born art sector pooh bah enlightens the art public on the subtleties of collecting art with their lately-published book. Genuinely, there’s no dispute in matters of taste. For how indeed does one legislate some thing so unavoidably individual and subjective? Or, even rationalise the myriads of motives that motivate art collection, including how it is carried out? Enter Fabian Ajogwu and Jess Castellote. Collecting Art is one book that deftly weaves anecdotes into a wealthy tapestry of the wherefore and the how-so of art collection along with its legal framework and nuances, amongst other items. Certainly, count the anecdotal references among its fantastic strengths. Add to the latter, its eight chapters - which includes 1 that provides a glossary of terms for the enlightenment of collectors - which make an enlightening, exhilarating study. But does the documentation-challenged Nigerian art scene seriously need to have this book?

Of course, each authors would naturally believe so. There are some approaches of acquiring operates that are improved than other individuals," Castellote argues. A collection that is documented and a collection that is not documented. For Ajogwu, it’s also about assisting individuals, who gather for unique reasons, comprehend the distinction involving the practice and the business enterprise of the art. It is certainly a full sector that has a function for so lots of to play," he says. Among the problems raised - including copyright, moral rights, fair use and resale rights, among other individuals - he insists there on the need to encourage individuals to gather art. Hence, the authors beam the spotlight on an market that can still throw out lots of grit.

What with the hidden talents out there waiting to be unearthed. And, of course, there are lots of empowerment and deepening in the course of action, which in the end translates to the development of the industry. As credible voices in the business, the authors draw on their lustrous antecedents. Take Ajogwu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, for instance. His interest in art collection is much more than a fleeting 1, even when he insists on calling himself a "conscript" rather than a collector. As for the Spaniard Castellote, his untiring behind-the-scene enabling projects in the art scene have turn into virtually legendary. Besides holding separate masters degrees in architecture and art history, he is the director of the Foundation for Contemporary and Modern Visual Arts (FCMVA). This is in addition to functioning as an independent art advisor on art matters to private and corporate bodies.

Previously, he had edited a book on Nigerian art in a private collection, co-authored a book monograph on the late Ben Osaghae and co-edited a book on Kolade Oshinowo. Both authors’ lengthy-term commitment to the market have rewarded them with an uncommon insight into the nuances of art collection. They argue that owning works alone does not make 1 a collector. Certainly, difficult to ignore is the spectre of incoherence flitting around quite a few gallery collections in Lagos or the eclectic impersonality of performs adorning many residences and offices. Terrific collections are place with each other with varying degrees of meticulousness and expertise by individuals who are virtually usually passionate about art," they clarify. Passion and commitment are vital requirements for a coherent collection to emerge, but they are not the only conditions. This a great deal-required discernment comes from an educated appreciation of the art functions and artists.

Apart from saving the collector from the booby traps of fraudsters and mediocre artists, it also lifts the veil from the various stages of recognition an artist undergoes through the span of his or her career. The recognition of these stages - peer recognition, vital recognition, patronage by art dealers and public acclaim - prepares the soil for a conscious acquisition of art performs. That buying art is a critical business enterprise is an uncontested truth. It is not surprising, hence, that the authors devote an entire chapter of this book on the subject. The reader traipses via the maze of the artists’ studios, dealers and galleries, art auctions and art fairs, etc., prior to receiving initiated into the legal framework of art collection.

It is not uncommon in a increasing art business like Nigeria’s to encounter collectors who are blissfully ill-informed about problems bordering on copyright, moral rights and artists’ resale rights as properly as on the troubling reality of art fraud. On a much more reassuring note, the book provides the industry’s stakeholders "the vital requirements" for "a legally water-tight transaction and a frequently much better art transaction". This is in spite of the relative infancy of the art scene. In any case, so much about the book is predicated on the optimistic notion that the Nigerian art scene is firmly on an upward</a> This uncontested assumption makes it protected to anticipate a future period of blossoming. In preparation for this golden age of inventive explosion, such sector stakeholders as artists, collectors, critics, scholars and gallery owners, among other individuals, would do nicely to avail themselves of this properly-written invaluable book.

An outbreak of a strange ailment has claimed a lot more than twenty five lives in Ode Irele in Irele nearby government location of Ondo State, a neighborhood leader has told SaharaReporters. In a telephone interview with our correspondent, the neighborhood leader, Ayodele Omole, stated that the "strange ailment" broke out on Wednesday morning and had currently made panic among residents, adding that a lot of individuals have been fleeing from the neighborhood. In a radio broadcast, the Ondo State Commissioner for Overall health, Dayo Adeyanju, confirmed the outbreak, but assured residents that it was not Ebola. We noticed the strange ailment yesterday (Wednesday)," stated Mr. Omole. Quite a few individuals lost their sight before they died immediately. As at the final count, in the early hours of right now (Thursday), more than 25 dead bodies have been counted in the streets of Irele. Unlike yesterday, individuals are now scared of carrying the bodies since of fear of infections.

He stated that, in addition causing blindness, the unknown illness also brought on victims’ tongues to swell abnormally, rendering the victims incapable of speech, prior to death inside a handful of hours. Mr. Omole stated numerous in the neighborhood saw the ailment as having "a spiritual trigger," adding that they believed it was beyond the control of state overall health officials. He added that the residents have been hoping that some regular healers would rapidly come in to help. Meanwhile, the state government has confirmed the outbreak of the "unknown illness," adding that it was on leading of the scenario. In a broadcast on a state-owned radio station in Akure, the state capital, the Ondo State Commissioner for Wellness, Mr. Adeyanju, mentioned the ravaging disease was not Ebola as some feared. The commissioner stated that health officials and gear had been deployed to the community to curtail the spread of the strange illness. The community outbreak team informed us yesterday morning of disease outbreak in Irele. The unknown illness is not Ebola as it does not manifest any of its symptoms, but only attacks the central nervous system of the victims. We can not truly say what is responsible for this ailment. It was clear that these who had died had no symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea," mentioned Mr. Adeyanju, adding that the symptoms of the ailment included headaches and loss of sight prior to death.

As a result, the Presidency was taken aback with Maina’s purported reinstatement, which attracted widespread public opprobrium, resulting in President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive that he must be immediately dismissed from service. The letter stated that in the course of investigations, one Mr Afe introduced Revolutionary Solutions to the OHCSF where they have been awarded the contract of biometric information capture. The initial contract sum was N63 million as indicated in the award letter which was paid to Revolutionary Remedy. Having said that, Revolutionary Option requested for a contract extension of the sum of N136 million, which brings the total contract to N199 million. From the evaluation of Innovative Solution’s bank statement, it was found that the total sum of N224.85 million was fraudulently paid to them displaying an excess payment of N25 million against N199 million.

Afe confessed that the contract sum was inflated at the instance of Maina and the inflated sum delivered to him," the EFCC alleged. The commission additional alleged that 1 Ikaziboh was found to have transferred the sum of N166.five million from Innovative Solution’s account to Fredrick Hamilton Ltd, a business owned by the mentioned Afe. It added: "A transfer of N35 million was found from Revolutionary Solution to Uptrach Communication Ltd following which Ikaziboh confirmed the payment as amount paid to that enterprise that basically executed the contract of the biometric workout. The mentioned Afe was also discovered to have been paid the sum of N119.four million as biometric enrollment workout via his firm Fredrick Hamilton.

Afe confessed that he issued blank cheques to Maina which he used for making the withdrawals and from time to time he went with Maina to the bank to make the withdrawals and hand them over to him quickly. This has been confirmed by Fredrick Hamilton’s account officer. It also alleged that the total sum of N153, 146,719.00 fraudulently paid to Xangee Technologies Ltd from OHCSF for fictitious biometric contract was transferred to a Bureau de Adjust, converted to U.S. Maina via his relative, 1 Khalid Ali Biu. It added: "All efforts to get Maina to report for an interview have been unsuccessful. He did not honour the letter of invitation sent to him. Visits to his identified address were also in vain.

It was gathered that Maina was no longer living in the country but had relocated, like his household members to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Consequently, the commission sought an arrest warrant against him and he was also declared wanted. Expectedly, both the EFCC and INTERPOL have declared Maina wanted again. In reality, the INTERPOL just put Maina on their wanted list now. A fresh warrant has been issued for his re-arrest," mentioned Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, final</a> But Maina has absolved himself of the allegations against him, claiming that he was being hunted for his uprightness although in office.

In his statement, which has been trending in the social media of late, he maintained that as an alternative of embezzling pension fund as alleged, he helped the government to recover the sum of N282 million diverted fund. A lot of individuals had been apprehended for defrauding pensioners of their income both at the federal and levels. But the heart-rending nature of our criminal justice technique presume individuals to be innocent until a competent court of law finds them guilty even if an individual is caught in the act, specifically if it is criminal case. And typically where the offence is bailable, they are granted bail.

It is then that you see the suspects’ counsel coming up with all manners of filibustering measures against the prosecution. The tendency is that the so-referred to as suspects have enriched themselves in such a way that they can employ pretty senior lawyers who can put in all manners of technicalities to frustrate their prosecution. In fact, in some instances they are capable to frustrate their investigation and arrest. One would have believed that with the contributory pension scheme, which the Obasanjo administration introduced immediately after setting up a committee to study the pension scheme of other nations, the issue of pension funds fraud would be more than. That was the dilemma the Maina activity force was supposed to resolve. According to Maina himself, the activity force helped the Federal Government to recover about N282 billion.

But you obtain out that none of the individuals from whom all these monies were recovered has been jailed," Ojo said. He added: "Before the indictment of Maina himself, he essentially did a quantity of finger pointing, accusing extremely placed individuals in the society of soiling their hands in the pension fund. According to him, they even sent assassins immediately after him. So, what I’m saying invariably is that when you have pretty high net worth individuals involved in crimes like that, it is ordinarily really difficult. And the difficulty right here particularly is that government agencies are operating at cross-purposes. They are not having shared thought, shared information and shared vision.

Let me explain additional. Maina is wanted by the EFCC his name was sent to INTERPOL, asking them to arrest him if they see him. He was mentioned to have fled the country but the similar individual strolled back into the nation four months ago and was going about with armed escort from the DSS and Police. The AGF and the EFCC are not functioning collectively. It was the AGF that known as back Maina primarily based on his jaundiced legal opinion, in connivance with the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, as reported by the media. Some thing is incorrect with this anti-corruption effort.

I have had occasions to ask what is the APC position paper on the war against corruption. Even the President, exactly where is his blueprint to fight corruption. Buhari can not fight corruption alone it’s not</a> The APC as a political celebration is supposed to have a policy on anti-corruption, which binds the National Assembly led by the party, the governors and all appointees of the celebration. There should really be a prevalent strand setting minimum party common on anti-corruption. So, Buhari is on his own as far as the challenge of anti-corruption is concerned and there is no way he can do it. The individuals of Nigeria should own it. Meanwhile, there is a trending audio statement in the social media where Maina is defending himself.

He made very starling revelations there, which I feel really should be investigated," Okwu stated. From the foregoing, it’s clear that the problem of the pension fund scandal is not one particular that would end quickly. With the fresh efforts being made by the government to fish out Maina from hiding and bring him to justice, Nigerians would unquestionably hear extra about the saga in the days ahead. BREAKING: 23 yrs boy started importation with N10,450. Read his story right here! Monetary Empowerment: Get financially stable and get multiplied income now. For Organization trainings, skill acquisition, financing, Join Millionaires Academy. Join EXPORT and AGRIBUSINESS Club now. Midnight, pressed barrister Anthony suddenly couldn't URINATE. Normalize your PROSTATE difficulties right here!