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Mars symbol.png Mars

I worship Mars, born from the womb of the Earth, who has the beautiful brilliance of lightening, the Divine youth who carries a spear in his hand.
Hymn to the Planet by Vyasa


Dressed in red, with a red body, who has four arms, the son of the Earth, whose vehicle is a ram, who carries a trident, spear and mace in his hands, with a coral crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that grants boons — may Divine Mars ever grant us his grace.

Mangal or Kuja are the Vedic names for fiery Mars. The main deity is Subrahmanya or Skanda. He is the adolescent Kumara, the son of Pleiades (Kartikeya), lord of the armies, the spear-holder, the spiritual warrior. According to Parashara, Kartikeya is the chief deity associated with Mars and was Shiva and Parvarti’s second son. In yoga, Skanda is the power of chastity and the virile seed. By making his sublimated seed rise through the central inner channel of the subtle-body (susumna) up to the sixth chakra where it is consumed, that the yogi becomes the complete master of his instincts. He is often depicted riding a peacock and carrying a spear.

Rudra, the God of storms, is also mentioned as reflected the Mars archetype of the warrior.

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